Siding refers to any sort of exterior building material that secures to the exterior of a home’s structure. Siding protects against mold, mildew, termites and other creatures that will get into the side of the house. Moisture levels will determine what types of material will protect your home from condensation and other water-based damages. Some popular materials include wood, vinyl, fiber cement, aluminum, stucco and stone/brick veneer. Siding can be be installed horizontally, vertically or diagonally and comes in all different textures, sizes and colors.

Vinyl siding is tough and comes in a variation of colors and textures. Since the color is throughout the material, nicks and scratches don't show up.

Metal siding is usually associated with retro and modern style type buildings. Installing metal siding for your home can give it a unique appeal if done properly. The most common types of materials are aluminum and steel siding.

Composite siding is a mixture of wood fibers, sand, and cement. It is built to mimic natural wood siding, with less hassle of maintenance, insects, and cost.

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