4 Roofing Maintenance Tips For Canada Climates

Canada is a very diverse country especially in terms of climate. The climate of the northern parts of Canada, roughly some 2/3 of the country, closely resembles the climate of northern Scandinavia. This means that residents of northern Canada struggle with cold winters and not that warm summers.

In the central and southern areas of the country, one encounters a more continental climate which carries cold winters and hot summers. Homeowners in Ottawa face a continental climate but if you are from the area, you know how tricky the winters can get.  We decided to compile a list of 4 roofing maintenance tips for Canadian homeowners before the winter hits.

#1 Get your roof ready for the winter

Regardless of where you live in Canada, you might encounter very harsh winters with a lot of rain and snow. The harsher the winters in your area, the higher the chances of potential ice and water damage. You should make sure that any roof repair projects should be completed before the winter comes.

If your repairs drag on until winter, then you might be faced with having to work in harsh weather,  when it would be costlier and harder to execute roof damage repairs. First and foremost, look out for any damaged shingles, flashing, or caulk around the chimney area. Make sure that the vents are sealed and that your roof has no cracks.

#2 Trim the trees

Silly as it may sound, this is perhaps one of our favourite pieces of advice to give because we tend to notice that a lot of homeowners completely forget that they should trim their trees.

Trimming tree branches will definitely ensure that contact with your roof is avoided. Overgrown branches may put additional pressure on your shingles and cause more damage, especially if you live in an area that is prone to strong winds and storms that can damage the tree or move the branches.

#3 Clean the gutters

if you live in areas that are abundant with trees and greenery, you might want to inspect your gutters more often. There is always a good chance that they might be clogged with all sorts of leaves and debris.

As you may have guessed, autumn is the season of clogged gutters. Fallen leaves pile up rather quickly and if you leave your gutters clogged, rest assured that water will not be able to flow through them. This may cause water damage and even flooding. Don’t hesitate to give an hour of your attention to your gutters, you’ll thank us later.

#4 Is your home insulated?

Insulation of your home is very important because it protects it from very cold and harsh winters, and it keeps it colder during summers. We notice that homeowners tend to postpone insulating their roofs for all sorts of reasons. However, if you can afford insulation, make sure that you find a good professional that can install high-quality insulation in your attic and have you set for any season.

If you are unsure about any step of the maintenance process and would like professional help, check out our page. Here at Vanity Roofing, we have the best Ottawa roofing specialists that will make sure that your roof is safe and sound.  With more than 50 years of experience, trust us, we have seen it all so do not hesitate to contact us, and we’ll make sure that that roof is standing for decades to come.

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