5 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Roofing Contractor

Ask These 5 Questions When Hiring a Roofing Contractor

When hiring a roofing contractor in Ottawa, you may feel insecure about what you should ask to make sure that you will the best service that they can give you. Also, you may not know how to separate the good roofing contractor from the bad. Because of that, I’ve brought 5 important questions that you have to ask before you sign a contract.

  1. “Do You Have Proof of Insurance?”

In order to protect yourself if something goes wrong, you need to request to see documentation of the companies’ insurance. This is very important because if they somehow break or damage anything in your house, they’ll have to pay for it… if there’s insurance.

Overall, roofing contractors must have two types of insurance: liability and workers’ compensation insurance. The first one will protect you in case of any damage to your propriety. The second one will protect you if any employee gets hurt while working on your house. Having proof of the insurance will spare you from future headaches.

  1. “Is There a Warranty on the Product or Materials?”

Most of the products and materials come with a warranty from the manufacturers, so you need to ask your roofing contractor what is included in the warranty and how long it will last.

The workmanship can also have a warranty, so don’t forget to ask them that. Always have documentation. If there’s any warranty, ask to see and keep a copy of the documentation. This question and the first one are very important. Try to search a little bit more about insurance and warranty.

  1. “What Are Your References?”

When hiring any service, always ask for their references or certifications. When they give you an estimate, ask them their references from jobs that they’ve completed in the past 3 to 6 months. If they can’t find any reference, something is off. Any good and reputable roofing contractor will be more than happy to give you their references.

Also, be careful if they give you a few references. Most of them probably will be scripted. Always check with references, and keep an open eye. Ask them how long the service was, what was the quality of the work, if anything wrong happened, etc.

  1. “What Are Your Address and Phone?”

This may look obvious but is essential that you have the local phone number of the roofing contract and their address. Some fake roofing contractor will promise you a wonderful service, but won’t give you any local way of getting to them. So, to protect yourself, don’t sign contracts with roofing contractors that are not local.

  1. “What Is the Price of the Deposit?”

Finally, the last question is one of the most important. If the roofing contractors can’t or deny providing a written estimate, something is wrong. You should hire only someone that knows how to be professional. Also, never pay a roofer the full cost upfront, because they can do a horrible job and make you lose money.

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