Barrhaven Roof Replacement Tips

Keeping your Barrhaven home in good repair is probably on the top of your list.  A good place to start is at the top…your roof.  If an old roof decides to fail, you can be faced with extreme bills including attic insulation, wallboard replacement, carpet cleaning, damage to furniture or appliances, and more.

If you expect that a roof replacement is in your future, it is a good idea to refresh your memory on the types of materials you will be expected to choose from.

Your choice of roofing materials may have some limitations.  A homeowners association may have rules or guidelines.  The pitch or steepness of your roof may also limit the materials that will be appropriate, i.e. wood shake shingles are not good for a flatter or low-pitched roof.ottawa roofing company vanity roofing

  • Asphalt Composition – This is one of the more popular options. They are easy to order and on the low end of the price scale.  Most people don’t think they are very attractive, though.
  • Wood – Wood shakes or shingles are extremely attractive and are at the higher end of the price range. They are not recommended for areas where there is the danger of fire.
  • Metal – Usually made from steel or aluminum, these are very durable and fireproof roofing materials. However, they are also expensive and will take a specialty roofer to install.
  • Slate – These look very nice but are difficult to repair because they are very slippery to walk on. They are also very heavy so the building construction needs to be very sturdy.
  • Composition Slate – Made from 95% recycled materials, they look much like a slate or stone tile. They are much lighter in weight and sturdier than the slate or stone.

Another consideration may be whether to tear off the existing roof or to simply overlay a new one.

While very common in the past, this is not an option in many municipalities.  Here is why:

  • Weight – Placing additional layers of asphalt shingles over previous layer(s) can become too heavy for the roof framing. This is a particular problem in older homes.
  • Not Fixing the Problem – Another issue is that the underlying problem is not being corrected. If a roof is sagging, adding another layer will continue that sag.  If there are already bubbles or bumps, they won’t go away.  If you are determined to just overlay a roof, first have as many of the problems corrected as possible.

One of the main arguments for an overlay is that it saves time and effort.  However, if you hire a professional roofing company in Ottawa, their crew can usually strip off an entire roof in a morning.  If you are doing it yourself, perhaps not.

If you have questions about materials or processes, just contact us at Vanity Roofing.  We will be happy to discuss options.  We are also happy to schedule an appointment to inspect your Barrhaven roof to see if repairs or replacement is warranted.

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