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When it comes to the best roof repair company in Ottawa…you cannot go wrong with Ottawa Premier Roofing Contractor. Our combined experience ensures that you more than 30 years of experience working on your roof to get it back into shape. We have a true understanding of how the best materials combined with our years of experience is going to make for a superior roof for your home. Whether you just need a repair or a completely new installation, you can trust us to be honest with you about what you need for your home or business, and you also get the benefit of a free estimate to address what your roof may need.

What Constitutes a Roof Repair?

When you think that your roof is in bad shape, a lot of the time you will find that there is physical proof that you can see. For example, you may see missing shingles from the roof that you find throughout your yard. You may even see shingles that seems to be cracking or when a big gust of wind comes, these shingles are going to blow up and down. These are major issues that need to be repaired. Other repairs that a roof may need include:

– Having the chimney flashing repaired to avoid water running into the house through the chimney

– For roofs that are commercial, they may often need tar and gravel patches put into those locations that may be crumbling

– If the eaves or rafters show cases of fungus or dry rot, these are also something that we can repair

– If there are metal roofs involved, you may notice discoloration or even metal that is bent, which could signal an issue.

Signs You Need A Roof Repair

While there are physical signs on the roof that point to repairs being needed, there are also signs that you may notice in your business or home. These signs may include:

– You have water in the basement when there is a lot of rain

–  You may see leaks around a skylight if there is one that you have in your home

– Water damage to the wall, such as bubbling paint or even water stains

– A moldy smell that is present in closets, basements and other areas of your home due to the leak

Of course, you should also consider the last time the roof was repaired and when it was installed. You will find that roofs do have a timeline for when they are going to need to be repaired or replaced. This time frame is going to be even shorter if the materials used at first were not the best. However, also consider that if major winter storms come through, or if we have a particularly rainy season with a lot of wind, you may find that these repairs come sooner than what you thought.

The good thing is that we are available seven days a week, to make any repair that is needed. Just give us a call to start your estimate.

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