Beware of Too Much Ice and Snow on Your Roof

Now that the 2020 winter is in full effect in Ottawa its time to beware of too much ice and snow sitting on your roof.

What does it mean? How can you solve the issue? What happens if you do not?

Ottawa’s harsh climate means plenty of days with snow that’s here to stay. Over time snow accumulates on lower slope roofs which has the potential to turn into Ice Damns during the thaw. Too much snow can also cause roof trusses to collapse which can cause expensive and extensive repairs which could easily have been avoided.

Removing the snow and ice before its turn into Ice Damns or collapsing roof trusses means hiring a knowledgeable Ottawa Roofing company to remove the snow. Vanity Roofing has extensive experience removing Snow & Ice without causing any damage to your existing shingles. Potentially spending a few hundred could save you thousands!


Call Vanity Roofing Today and think ahead to save thousands!




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