Biggest Mistakes Homeowners Make When Doing a Roof Repair

Hi homeowners! Many of you have contacted us regarding your roof repair projects and refurbishing. Speaking with so many clients, we noticed that a lot of homeowners, especially inexperienced and new homeowners do not conduct thorough research before starting their remodelling projects and end up making some of the most critical mistakes that cost them hundreds, if not thousands down the line.

Keep reading as we cover some of the most frequent mistakes homeowners do when performing roof repair.

Not getting a roofing permit

Before you even set your mind to doing roof repair, we advise you to thoroughly check whether your residential area requires a roofing permit and whether your home is subjected to any local roofing and building regulations. The last thing you need when spending money on your roof repair is not obtaining the permit and having your roof repair put on a hold or even being fined!

Reusing old roof elements

Homeowners with tight budgets are truly struggling with this. Reusing old roof elements does not guarantee that your roof element with a fresh coat of paint is as good as new. Reusing old elements might make sense short term but long term you may end up having to redo the entire roof and spend a lot of money on fixing the damages that your old roof elements may cause.

Not checking the weather patterns in your area

New homeowners who move into new residential areas often forget to check the weather conditions throughout the year and end up doing roof repair or complete roofing renovation without addressing the climate issues. Think about ice damaging or heavy rains and strong winds before you decide on specific roof materials.

Mismatching roof material suppliers

If you’re doing roof renovations try to make sure that you are using roof materials that match your conditions. A good roof inspector could tell you what sort of a brand was used for a certain roof element and whether you should get the same type of material or whether you have more freedom in picking something else.

For some homeowners, issues happen with mismatching the color of roof elements while for others, mismatching the quality and type of roof elements often leads to more costs and repeated remodelling.  If you are unsure, help is near

There is no shame in not being aware of which type of roofing material supplies you need, the weather patterns in your area, or whether you need a roofing permit. If you are unsure about these things and are not able to investigate on your own, perhaps the best thing you can do for yourself is calling professionals who can help out.

Here at Vanity Roofing, we take our craft seriously and we will send one of our experts to thoroughly inspect your roof and set up a remodelling plan in motion. Do not hesitate to contact us and let’s make sure that your roof is standing bold above your heads.

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