Commercial Roofing Installation Mistakes

Compared to residential roofing, commercial roof installations are larger. Hence, using a residential roofing style is insufficient, and the costs differ. Commercial roofing styles include ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM), thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), flat, and metal roofing. While commercial roofing mistakes happen, you can prevent them. Here we look at common commercial roofing installation mistakes and how to avoid them. 

#1 Poor Roof Installation

With faulty commercial roof installations, problems will arise along the way. It can result from roofer negligence with signs of roof leakage, missing shingles, or a cutting drip edge. In addition, you may find that some roofing contractors are not familiar with the different commercial roof types. For this reason, it helps to choose a professional commercial roofer to get the job done right the first time. 

#2 Not Enough Moisture Barriers Installed 

Many roofers overlook the importance of adding moisture barriers as added protection. Many contractors rely on the shingles, but these roofing materials crack, allowing in moisture. Sometimes inferior ones are chosen, or owners want to go the DIY route installing it themself to cut costs. Unfortunately, neither options are effective in helping prevent moisture and leads to more damage costs in the end. 

#3 Poor Maintenance and Roof Repairs

As important as the roof installation process, maintaining the roof with regular inspections is just as important. You must have yearly roof inspections to prevent damages from costing you thousands. So, never fail to have your commercial roof inspected, as it will help prolong the roof’s lifespan. The same applies to roof repairs, and as soon as you notice a problem, have it checked out by a professional roofer. 

#4 Postponing a Roof Replacement

When postponing a roof replacement is not suitable for you or the building. Yes, replacing an old roof is costly, but frequent repairs can cost you more. In addition, the rooftop can fall in during strong winds and storms. You can end up with lawsuits and more.

#5 Improper Flash Maintenance

The flashing is a piece of aluminum or steel with a water-resistant design. The flashing hinders water from penetrating through the roof. You use it where the roof makes contact with the vertical surface, for example, a wall. With flashing, you get added protection, but it is short-lasting. You need a professional roofer to inspect the flashing to see if it is still in good working condition.  

#6 Poor Drainage Installation 

Most commercial buildings have a flat roof or even a low slope roof, so they collect water when it rains or snows. Unfortunately, the ponding water causes damage to the roof structure and the building. So, if you have water piling on the roof, it results from improper drainage and needs to be rectified. 

Vanity Roofing Can Help Solve Your Commercial Roofing Problems

One of the best ways to ensure commercial roofing mistakes is to contact a professional roofing company to help. With Vanity Roofing, you get trained contractors that know the commercial roofing needs. If you have any concerns with your commercial roof, contact us to help.