Damaged Roof? Here Are Some Repair Tips

If your Ottawa home seems to have some damage, here are some tips you might want to consider.

Repair or Replace?

ottawa roof repair tipsJust because there is a leak, you may not need an entire roof.  Very often the problem can be resolved with some repairs.  Here is how to decide:

  • If most of the roof is in good shape, but there are only one or two weak areas, opt for a repair. If the area is because a tree limb has rubbed the area, have the limb removed.  If there are other branches that appear too close, have them trimmed as well.
  • If the roof has been on the house for 15 or more years and is showing wear and tear, plan to replace the entire roof. If you are unable to replace the roof immediately, cover the leaks with a heavy-duty plastic tarp or plywood until the job can begin.  If it will be longer than a few days or weeks, make the temporary repairs but check after every rainfall or snow to protect the interior of your home.

Inspect the roof at least annually.  Look for split or missing shingles.  After a wind storm see if any shingles look misshapen.  Check the attic for signs of water damage.


Keeping an attic well ventilated is important and frequently overlooked.  Without proper vents, the moisture that accumulates in the attic will be trapped and can lead to mold or rotting.  Vents also moderate the temperature.

If you are wondering if your attic is properly ventilated:

  • Look at both the eaves and roof. Ridge vents are very low profile and continuous roof air vents are located on the roof peak.  There are also louvered vents usually found at the top of gables.
  • In the heat of summer, touch your ceiling. If it is hot that means the attic is trapping the hot air which means higher cooling costs and possible damage to the shingles.
  • In the winter look for thick ice ridges along the eaves. The warm air from the attic is melting the snow and then refreezes on the eaves making ice dams.
  • Another suggestion is to inspect the attic in the winter for any signs of frost.

If you are adept and don’t mind heights, you may be able to replace some loose shingles or install vents.  However, most people will opt for a professional.  Handymen are an option, but just be sure they have experience with these repairs or installations or you can end up with a worse problem than when you started.

Contact an Ottawa roofing company like Vanity Roofing.  They will be happy to send our a specialist to inspect your roof and eaves for any damage.  The roofing company representative will also be able to give you some options for repairs and replacement and a rough estimate of the cost.  Some of the variables will include the cost of materials you choose to complete the project.


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