Do You Have a Damaged Roof in Ottawa?

When a roof becomes damaged, it can be a disaster. Not only are you looking at a roof that you can physically see needs some type of repair, but you may even find signs throughout your home or business. For example, when a roof becomes damaged, this often leads to the rain dripping into the home, which can stain the ceilings, walls and even puddle inside the house in the basement or just in the floors. It can also lead to that mildew and mold smell if this water were to get under carpet and flooring. Over time, if this repair is not made, when the walls and ceilings continue to get saturated with water…it can lead you to have tons of interior repairs to make as well. That is why when you first see roof damage signs, you need to get these repaired as soon as possible.

How Soon Can You Notice Roof Damage?

roof damage ottawaThe thing with roof damage is that this can happen all of the sudden, or it an happen over time. For example, if there were to be a huge snow storm come through that drops a lot of snow, this could damage the roof due to the weight. You may notice this damage immediately. However, if you have a roof that has a small amount of damage it could be leaking water into the home, and you don’t really notice this until the roof becomes even more damaged. By the time that you notice this, you may have a lot of damage on the interior of the home as well.

How To Deal With Roof Damage

Many people think that if they have roof damage, they can just throw a tarp over this and be done with it. While a tarp can be a temporary measure before the professionals can get to your home, it is by no means a permanent solution. Tarps can be ripped, holes can emerge into these tarps which is not really protecting the interior of your home from rain or snow. So, how can you deal with roof damage? When you have the first sign of roof damage, then you need to make sure that you are calling the professionals to fix this.

Ottawa Roofing Professionals Are A Phone Call Away

Here at Vanity Roofing, we are just a phone call away when you have a damaged roof in the Ottawa area. We are professionals with over 30 years of combined experience and use only the best of materials whether we have to repair this roof or completely replace this roof, depending upon the degree of damage that this roof has. We offer a free estimate for your roofing needs, and we promise that you always get an upfront and honest evaluation from our professionals.

Recently, we were awarded as being one of the top 3 Ottawa roofing contractors in the area thanks to the many reviews that we have had and positive experience from customers, so you know that you are in good hands. Call us today for an estimate.

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