Flat Roofing in Ottawa

In the roofing industry, the single-ply membrane has become the new wave. While the flat roofing system is popular in commercial and residential sectors. That is why your flat roof matters. Vanity Roofing is your leading roofing company in Ottawa, specializing in delivering you with the best roofers. 

Get Quality Roof Installation and Repairs Today

If you value your property, you need the best team to handle the roofing system or repairs. The truth is your flat roof matters as the attention you give to it will determine how efficient and long it will serve you. 

Hence, only two things are essential when it comes to convenience: quality with performance, and we are the ones to call. So you can contact us today for a free estimate. Why? We understand that a flat roof structure is trendy for a commercial to industrial building, remaining a stylish choice when you have a low-pitched home. The best part is the ease of maintenance using less costly materials.

Whether you are familiar with or just checking out the roofing option, we can help you decide which one to choose and provide you with the best results. Your roof is an investment that needs to last long.

Flat Roof Services Offered 

Ottawa flat roofingAre you looking for an Ottawa flat roofer, a flat roof repair, or an emergency repair? Then you have arrived at the right place. We offer the best services when it comes to flat roof systems. There are several options for flat roofing systems, and with our help, you can make the best choice for your budget, preference, and structure. 

We Provide Single-Ply Membrane Roofs 

You can use it in a single layer, whether it is PVC membrane, TPO membrane, or both. Choosing PVC or polyvinyl chloride are both eco-friendly options that help increase durability and resistance to chemicals, grasses, oils, fuels, acids, and more.

Furthermore, even using thermoplastic polyolefin or TPO works in a single-ply membrane roof layer. With TPO roofing, you install it as a mechanical attached structure that is fully adhered. You find it in commercial and industrial roofing. 

On the other hand, a single-ply membrane is not too expensive and has excellent UV resistance. As a result, we do the roofing with the highest proficiency to last more than 20 years.  

We Do Built-Up Roofs 

The BUR system, also known as a gravel or tar roof system, works with semi-flexible ply sheets or a felt layer. It is assembled with bitumen layers aggregated with rock and a hot tar layer with elastomeric coatings used on the top ply sheets. BUR has low maintenance, and it is durable with weatherproofing while energy-efficient. 

Need a Modified Bitumen Roll Roof?

We can help with your modified bitumen roll roof, another membrane form. The membrane you find reinforced using polyester fiber or fiberglass is available in sheets. The membranes were applied using cold adhesive and a blow torch. 

It is durable yet flexible, making it easy to adapt to hot or cold weather. Doing the roof repair offers high resistance during extreme weather, fire, or cracks and can last 20 years. As with most flat roof repairs and installations, you need an experienced roofer to do it. We have a qualified commercial and residential roofing team that can help. 

Flat Roofing Service Benefits

Here at Vanity Roofing, we can provide you with different reasons why many people love a flat roof. With the roofing structure, you create opportunities to have an interior to the exterior design of a place. As a result, it provides a home with a unique appearance different from others. 

You Can Cut Down on Costs 

With a roofing investment, you need a reasonable budget you can afford. But when you want the best roof to control your costs, the flat roof system is what you need. You can save money with the installation, and the upfront costs are less, requiring minimal maintenance. Also, a reflective roof coating will keep the interior cool to reduce energy bills.

You Can Become Creative With Your Rooftop 

A flat rooftop allows you to become creative to utilize it for relaxed spaces like gardening. Moreover, you can take your business or home to the next level as the rooftop glows with flowers, trees, and more. Hence, you have endless opportunities to create a creational space for all to enjoy. Furthermore, it will look aesthetically pleasing as it looks modern and attractive to give it a new look.

The Building Has Proper Water Drainage 

You may be concerned about water drainage as many feel a flat roof does not allow the water to run off the top compared to traditional rooftops. This is where we pay attention to every detail when installing a flat roof. We install the roof so you will not have standing water on your rooftop.

A Flat Roof Has a Quality Structure Providing The Correct Maintenance 

When a flat roof becomes damaged, our roofers use quality roofing materials to ensure your roof can survive storms to harsh weather. While the flat roof, like any other rooftop, does not remain intact, it can help with the correct maintenance. With regular checkups, we can ensure that your rooftop remains in tip-top condition to extend its lifespan. 

Vanity Roofing Contractors is The Best Bet For Your Flat Rooftop 

Several brands can handle your commercial to residential roof projects in Ottawa. Still, you do not want to give your roofing project to anyone. Here at Vanity Roofing, we understand that. However, you need a brand to realize your primary needs to make your roofing dream a reality. 

That is why we present you with commercial to residential roofing that will not dig a hole in the pocket. So contact us today for your roofing needs, available at affordable prices. Our professional roofing team will assess every part of the roof to give you an accurate estimate of the costs. 

After excepting the estimate, we will start with repairs or installing your new flat top roof. We are a unique brand with the best workforce to deliver your service within a reasonable time. So get in touch with us today. You will not be disappointed. 

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