Getting Your Roof Ready for Winter

Get Your Roof Ready For Winter Tips

Winter is a magical season. The snow falling from the sky makes the streets shine in splendor, and the cold makes you want to get cozier at home. But how can you feel cozy and relaxed if there’s water from the melting snow leaking through your roof?

It’s common to have a lot of preparations to get ready for winter, but sometimes we forget about what is most important: make the house safe for these beautiful, but cruel months. That’s why you must take a few very simple steps to make sure that your roof will help you to keep your family warm and comfortable.

Clean your Roof and Gutter

Autumn is most known for its red and orange leaves, a signal that the plants are starting to die or “sleep” for winter to come. Even though this is a fantastic thing to see, these leaves probably get stuck in your roof and gutter, so cleaning it prevents clogs. This way, the snow can melt away from your roof properly.

While you’re cleaning your roof and gutter, keep an open eye for signs of animal infestations, such as raccoons, birds, bees, squirrels, bats, wasps, and hornets. If you find any sign, call a professional pest control specialist so they can help you to get rid of the nests. You don’t need to eliminate the animals, just take their homes somewhere else.

Check your Roofline

After carefully cleaning your roof and gutter, you should look with patience and attention at your roofline. The roof’s lines need to look straight, without any sign of sagging, dipping, or curving. If you see any of these things, you will need to investigate what happened and what is the damage.

It is important to watch your roofline even after the winter has started, especially after heavy snow or any climate event that can cause big damage. But remember to always be very careful, and if you’re feeling insecure or unsure, please call up a professional roof service, such as Vanity Roofing.

Trim Low-Hanging Branches

Winterizing your roof is important to keep your house safe, but is not the only thing you must do before winter. Preparing the trees close to your home is as necessary as cleaning your roof. During a storm, trees with low-hanging branches can get carried by the wind and damage your roof and windows, so you must trim them before the season starts.

If the branches are too high or they extend over your roof, don’t try to trim them alone. Please call a professional arborist to help you to cut them safely and correctly.

Call a Professional Roof Inspector

Finally, the simplest step in getting your roof ready for winter is to call up a professional roof inspector company. Some roof damages and problems are only visible to professionals, that have the right tools and the knowledge to recognize danger signs that you wouldn’t.

So, before winter starts, make sure to schedule a professional roof inspection. If any repair is necessary, schedule them as soon as possible. If you’re looking for a professional and certified roof inspection company, I highly recommend Vanity Roofing Services.

This company has more than 50 years of experience, offering expert 24/7 services with cost-effective solutions. Click here to get a free estimate and start winterizing your roof.