How long will Architectural Shingles Last In Ottawa’s Climate?

As Ottawa Roofing Contractors we are often asked how long will Architectural shingles last. A question we answer with honesty. We have seen Architectural shingles installed nearly 2 decades ago. These shingles using first generation of fiber glass technology are still looking to be in good shape. That leaves us confident in telling home owners the shingles will last at least 35 years if installed correctly.

Looking at the photo, you will notice there are no curled shingles, no major loss of granules, 19 years to date of install! There are some water stains caused from water run off. Excessive water caused from the valley and chimney. Overall this leaves us feeling great, knowing that products we install today can last as long as having your grandchildren replace the roof. If your not quite sure what Architectural shingles are you can click on the link

There are many reasons to replace your roof. Above all, to keep your family dry.

In the next blog, We will look at why Ottawa’s harsh winters and inconsistent weather lead to premature life expectancy.

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