How to Clean and Monitor Your Gutters

It can be pretty easy to lose track of time and put off cleaning your gutters, but even if it seems like a tedious job, it’s necessary. Luckily for most homeowners, cleaning the gutters is not difficult, and if done so routinely, it can help keep them in good working condition.

Rain gutters get clogged with leaves, moss, debris, and other junk over time, so it’s always best to clean them like clockwork every season or two to avoid a more complex cleaning later on.

Use this guide as a tool to learn the basics of how to clean and maintain your gutters.

Why Is Cleaning Your Gutters Important?

best roofing companies in ottawaA house’s gutter system controls the levels of rainwater that falls on the roofline. This is a feature meant to protect your home’s roof, foundation, and walls.

If debris builds up over time, it could lead to a blocked gutter, wet basement, a leaking roof, or other forms of water damage not only to the exterior of the home but the interior as well.

Gutters filled to the brim can also make great homes for rodents and other pests to nest in.

Professionals suggest that gutters should at least be cleaned twice a year- mainly in the spring or fall. If pine trees are near your property, the needles will need to be removed every few months to reduce the potential issues of clogging.

Determining If You Want to Hire a Professional

If thinking about climbing a ladder makes you nervous, trying to do so while holding supplies might not feel like the best idea. 

But don’t worry, there are plenty of companies out there specialized in doing this kind of work and other forms of home maintenance, so there is no need to worry about how you will build up the courage to do the task yourself.

The best thing to do is grab your nearest device and conduct online searches such as “ Vanity Gutter Repair ” to help find exactly what you were looking for.

Another idea is to ask your closest friends and family for recommendations. More chances than not, one of them would know the best Ottawa roofing companies that are reliable and can perform tasks with little to no trouble.

Cleaning Guide

Regular and consistent cleaning helps to keep gutters in their best shape. It requires little to no tools and a few hours of your time at most.

Spring cleaning will prepare the house for the heavy rains rolling in before summer, while an early fall clean helps clear out the buildup of dead leaves from the changing trees.

If possible, avoid cleaning your gutters after rain so that all moist debris has time to dry and can be entirely removed.

Some things to keep in mind during your cleaning:

– Always begin working from the downspouts upwards towards the edge of the roof.

– Wear safety glasses to ensure no leaves or dirt gets in your eyes.

– Always wear rubber gloves when cleaning the gutters to help keep your hands clean and dry.

– Remove downspout strainers and proceed to clean those.

– Use a trowel after hand-cleaning to remove all the compacted buildup. Once this is done, give the gutters a good rinse with a hose jet to ensure all debris has been picked removed.

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