How to Find Roof Leaks and Fix Them

No matter how small a leak is, it can cause damage to your home or commercial building. When left unfixed, it leads to significant damage like mold growth, which is dangerous for all. That is why it is crucial to find that roof leak and have it fixed. Here are steps on how you can locate that leak and fix it.

First Step: Find Roof Leak Signs

The first sign of leaking water from the roof is dripping water. Still, you can look at other telltale signs to discover where the leak is. For example, you can smell a musty odor in certain building parts. Also, you can see water stains on the ceilings or down the walls. 

You may see exterior water stains to bulging patches on the interior walls. Lastly, depending on your roof type, there might be missing or warped shingles. All of these are signs that you leak somewhere on the rooftop. 

Still, the first place you notice a sign of water leakage is not always where it originates.  

Second Step: Check The Attic 

If you live in an attic house, grab a flashlight and look for mold, black marks, water stains along the roof rafters, and sheathing. If you live in a home without an attic, check the roof for signs of damage. You may find small leaks caused by exposed nails easily fixed by clipping them below the head with some pliers.

Third Step: Let it Rain

If you cannot find the leak on inspection, start doing the rain dance. First, get a helper to remain inside the building where you notice a leak spot. Then head up to the roof with your garden hose and make it rain over that section. Your helper can shout to you when they see a drop of water dripping. Still, take your time moving the water from one area to another. As this will help narrow down where the roof leak originates. But if your helper cannot see the exact leak spot, it is time to tear up those shingles in the area. 

Fourth Step: DIY Repairs 

Now, you can fix a leaking roof, but it depends on the location that needs repairing. However, if you have the know-how and tools, there are a few ways to fix a leaking roof. For example, if the leaks are from a damaged shingle, you can remove the shingle to replace it with a new one. 

Alternatively, you can re-caulk around window edges, vents, and chimneys if the leaks around those areas. Furthermore, you can replace damaged vent boots or screws with rubber washers if the boot is still in excellent condition. 

Fifth Step: Call a Professional 

If you do not have the DIY roofing skills or tools, contact Vanity Roofing to help. They will do a roof inspection to determine the problems. With their help, they will identify the problem and provide you with a repair estimate. They can help with replacing the roof flashing, installing heat cables, or doing a complete roof replacement.