Is It Bad To Replace My Roof During Winter In Ottawa?

As one of the leading Ottawa Roofing Companies we hear this question a lot both from contractors and home owners alike. The truth is it really depends on circumstances and what time of year you are referring to as ‘winter’. In a bold statement we can say it is preferred to have shingles installed in temperatures above 0 degrees Celsius. At the same time keep in mind majority of new home roofing occurs over the winter months as it creates an opportunity for home builders to capitalise on more roofers being available to work (during the spring, summer, and fall majority of roofers work on re roofing because wages are much better)

Installing roofs during the winter in Ottawa has 4 cons. The first being shingles installed in temperatures under 0 can be extremely brittle and tend to break easier during installation. The second issue being that new shingles require sun and heat to help them seal tight. While installed during winter shingles will be water tight, they will not be aesthetically pleasing as the shingles may appear slightly lifted.  The third issue with winter installations is really depending on colder times (-20 Celsius), roofers attempting to install in extreme cold will likely have a harder time keeping good craftsmanship. Lastly, Installing during winter will likely result in a poor clean up, requiring the contractor to return in the spring for a thorough clean up.

However, there is one piece of good news and that is it will be beneficial to book your spring roof replacement during the winter months. Roofing companies look to fill up for the early spring and being to raise prices during the roofing season as demand for time slots being to increase.

Vanity Roofing, Ottawa leading roofing company offers FREE ROOF WINTERIZATION when an early spring booking takes place. That means a free inspection is done along with free minor repairs to ensure the roof makes it through winter.

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