Is it Time for a Roof Replacement in Ottawa?

As a homeowner it is sometimes difficult to know whether or not it is time to consider a roof replacement in Ottawa.  Here are some things you can consider.

Inside First

Start in the attic.  Using a flashlight with a good, strong light, and start looking up.

  • Seeing Light – If you can see cracks or holes in the roof, you need to act promptly.  If you see dots or streams of light filtering through, that means water can get through also.
  • Staining – If you see any dark stains or streaks on the attic ceiling or down the walls, you have water leakage.
  • Sags – If you see uneven portions of the ceiling and it appears to be sagging in spots, you probably have some roof damage.  A gentle prod can tell you if they are soft.  Don’t push too hard or you may create a large hole that will require an emergency replacement.


Take a stroll around the exterior of your home and look at the roof.  Depending on how the house is situated on the lot, you might need to use your neighbour’s home to get as good a look as possible.  Just explain to them what you are doing, and generally they won’t mind.

  • Shingles – Look for any loose or damaged shingles.  If the wind is blowing, see if there is any flapping.  See if any of the shingles are missing, cracking, or otherwise look odd.
  • Gutters – If you notice pieces of shingles in your gutters or washed out through the downspouts, there could be some damage.  If there are missing pieces, there is a greater chance of more damage including decay.
  • Flashing – Flashing is placed around the chimney.  It can be made of metal, roof cement, or tar.  Over time it can become loose and need to be re-sealed or replaced.  This does not mean you need an entirely new roof.
  • Roof valley – This is the place where the two slopes of the roof meet.  Because rain and snow collect and flow through this space, it is vulnerable.
  • Moss and algae – This is unsightly but not necessarily the need for a new roof.  A good stream of water from the garden hose can help remove it. 


Any roof 20 years or older is likely to need replacement.

If you spot any of these telltale signs, or if you would like a professional inspection, don’t hesitate to contact us at Vanity Roofing in Ottawa.  We provide free inspections and will be happy to offer an estimate if a replacement or repair is necessary.






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