It May Be Time To Change Your Roof – OTTAWA

As we approach spring,  there’s often a question most home owners have when it comes to their roof. Is this the season  to change my shingles? Unless your roof is clearly missing a section of shingles or you are experiencing a leak, unfortunately there is no way to exactly know. Experience tell us that once shingles curls & begin to disintegrate then it may be time to replace the roof system. Another over looked sign is to see if there are granules where your downspouts are pouring.


We encourage all home owners in the Ottawa region to maintain their roofs as caulking cracks over time. This is especially true in Ottawa as the increased amount of freeze and thaw cycles during our start and end of winter seasons.


A roof maintenance includes a thorough inspection of your roof as well as minor repairs and caulking important areas. This service should be carried out by an insured company such as Vanity Roofing to ensure safety. Home Owner’s in Ontario may be liable unknowingly hiring uninsured worker who hurt themselves.



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