Looking for Barrhaven Roofers?

Barrhaven is a lovely community not far from Ottawa.  So, when you need a roof repair or replacement the problem is not finding a company, it is finding the right company.  Here are some things to consider.

Do You Need a Roofer in Barrhaven?

barrhaven roofers vanity roofingSometimes you just need an inspection or minor maintenance.  Other times you need a repair, either major or insignificant.  Then it could be that you need an entire new roof.  Not all companies, especially independent contractors, will do all types of roofing jobs.  Some specialize and some just don’t have the appropriate experience.

You need to select a company that can do the job; do it right; and, if it is an emergency, do it quickly.  You should always search for a reputable roofing company and here are some ways to go about it.

Take Bids

Start by searching sites that specialize in sourcing professionals.  You can also ask neighbours, family, and friends.  If you trust the source, you can post on social media and see what types of comments come back.  You can also just make calls based on proximity.

Talk with as many companies as you can to get a feel for the cost and time frame.  At least three bids is the recommendation.  Part of the cost will be based on the materials you choose, but at least you can compare the labor component.


Most reputable companies will be licensed and insured and will be happy to show you the documentation.  You can also check references.  If your potential roofer is hesitant about offering names and phone numbers, you should be wary.  When you do talk with the former customers, realize that the list you are given by the contractor will be ones that will give a good evaluation of the work.  If they have a website, look at all the reviews and comments as well as the company’s responses to negative statements.

If you have chosen the materials, be sure that the company has experience working with that type of product and will have access to the amount necessary to finish the job.

Contracts and Warranties

Don’t proceed without a written contract.  Be sure you understand everything.  If you are confused, ask questions.  A reputable company will be happy to explain the details.

It is important that you understand the details of the warranty, both materials and workmanship.  The manufacturer does not warrant the labor.

If you want a roofing company in Barrhaven that checks off all the boxes, Vanity Roofing is the place to go.  Contact us today for one of our specialists to check out your roof and offer our recommendations.

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