Metal Roofing in Ottawa: Let Us Steel Your Imagination 

 With metal roofing Ottawa services like Vanity Roofing, you can have a long-lasting roof to match your home’s style. But why choose a metal roof? Why spend twice on a roof? If you can add a roof, you never need to replace it, no matter what the weather brings.

Why Choose a Metal Roof in Ottawa?

Compared to asphalt or cedar, a metal roof for residential or commercial property has many advantages. These include a long life cycle, and standing seam metal roofing products withstand elements like hail, snow, and high winds. 

Another benefit of the roofing material is it can withstand forest and brush fires keeping the home protected. Furthermore, many home insurances will offer you up to a 30% reduction in your payments if you have a metal roof. 

You can choose styles like panel roofing, standing seam roofing, and other look-alikes that include slate, cedar, and tiles. Choosing a standing seam metal product has huge ribs needing crimping or soldering to keep it connected.

metal roofing ottawaWhile panel roofs look similar to the latter but are screwed down. Still, except for the latter, your metal roofing installation needs experts with training. Yet, while it can cost more than an asphalt or cedar roof, you must keep it in mind.

The asphalt and cedar roofs will need a replacement every 15 to 20 years, while metal can last up to 60 years. Hence, metal roofing is durable, making it ideal for homeowners. However, even the warranties differ as the asphalt roof comes with 12 to 20 years.

While metal roofs in Ottawa can range up to 50 years, that is four times longer than other traditional roofing. Another huge benefit is the insulation metal roofing provides on your heating and AC bills. Yet, with all the advantages, you might still be hesitant to have one installed.

Why? Your homeowner’s association or other covenants and the bylaws that govern them. The good news is that with metal roofs, you can find in different styles, finishes, and colors. So, it will resemble other roofs like asphalt, clay, cedar, or slate. Hence, you can find one to satisfy your homeowner’s association.  

Cool and Energy Savings Installing Metal Roofing in Ottawa

With the rise of prices in electricity, you want an energy-efficient way to cut down on them. So whether you need to replace your old roof or build a new home, metal roofing is the way to go. The metal roof products are energy-efficient, saving you up to 40% on your yearly utility bills. Still, it does depend on your geographical region.

You can have different profiles installed, from low-slope to steep-slope applications. As metal is reflective, it can provide up to 40% savings during the summer regarding cooling costs. The reason is that it reduces air temperatures as much as 12°F. 

Furthermore, it provides excellent insulation to lower energy costs as the materials are composed of recycled material. Hence, it conserves energy and helps the environment. Thus, using metal roofing products is ECO-friendly, making your home green. 

Another benefit is it is durable, maintenance-free, and aesthetically pleasing.

Metal vs. Traditional Roofing 

When compared, metal can withstand extreme conditions in blazing hot summers to freezing temperatures, including rain and wind. Unfortunately, asphalt and wood cannot take the abuse of what the weather throws at them. 

Choosing metal shingles, standing seam metal roofing products, and more is durable and resistant material to the elements outdoors. Another thing compared to other roofing materials, metal does not cup or curl, needing less routine maintenance. 

Furthermore, other roofing materials are not as fire-resistant and may diminish in value as it ages. Hence, you can make the metal roof to match your home style. Lastly, it is also water-resistant and weather-resistant while easier to install, making it economical. 

Best of all, metal will not mold, split, crack or rot compared to other traditional roofing materials. It is available in galvanized or stainless steel, aluminum, and copper with an exceptional warranty. On the other hand, you get an energy-efficient home as it reflects up to 70% of UV rays keeping the house cool. 

Therefore, standing seam metal roofing remains a great option when you compare all the benefits. What do you think? Not convinced yet! 

Choose a Metal Roof Today. It is a Strong Yet Sound Investment

Do you want to add strength with style to your property? The metal offers you both as it is durable. But you might not realize the multiple types available, from colors to textures. As a result, you can enhance the look of your home while withstanding the elements outdoors. 

With a metal roof in Ottawa, you will be safe from the forces of nature compared to traditional asphalt or cedar roofing materials. However, metal remains a better option than concrete and wood as it does not mold or grow moss and has an excellent warranty. 

Instead of visualizing your metal roof with rusted spots, today’s metal roof is treated to withstand most weather conditions to prevent it from rusting. Hence, the style you choose will complement the neighborhood décor. 

Thus, you can create a cedar, slate, shingle, and tile style with continuous seam vertical panels. If you plan to replace your asphalt with a metal roof, it is a huge investment but remains strong.

A new metal roof can cost twice the amount, but you will receive premium materials to last a lifetime. But the metal roof pays for itself when comparing the costs of having a re-roof done every 15 years compared to 50 years.

Another reason is that a cedar or tile roof might look aesthetically pleasing. However, at first, it breaks over time, exposing you to the outside elements. Hence, the metal roof pays for itself in the long run and is with you for a lifetime. 

If you are interested in having a standing seam metal roof today. Call today for more information, or set up an appointment at the Ottawa office to see how your home can look with a metal roof. 

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