Roof Renovations in Ottawa

When you hear the term renovation you probably think about a new kitchen, a bath remodel, perhaps a room addition.  Actually one of the most important areas of the house that may need a re-do is the roof.  Without a secure cover, the entire structure could be at risk.

Where to Start With Your Roof Renovation in Ottawa

The first thing to do is look upward.

If your roof seems secure but just looks bad, it might only need a good cleaning.  The best way to decide is to call a professional for an inspection.  The discolouration could actually be water damage that needs immediate attention.

best roofing companies in ottawaActual leaks are a more serious issue.  This will probably trigger a major repair or a full roof replacement.

Noticing that particularly upper rooms have a hard time warming up in the winter could mean that an upgrade in insulation is needed.  Air can leak through the roof causing your HVAC system to work harder.

Wish list

Beyond actual damage, it could be that you would like to upgrade your current roof.

If you are dreaming of improving your property with solar panels, handling it in conjunction with a roof replacement is probably the best time to proceed.  It is the same with adding skylights.  With either of these options, your roofer can double-check that all the seals and flashings are installed properly and securely.

Other renovations to the exterior of the house, including additions and a change in the façade, can mean that your roof looks shabby or a poor color match, or just not right.  That could signal the time to make a change.

Insulation and efficiency

New products are always being developed and if you are interested in increasing the insulation under your shingles and improving the efficiency of your heating and cooling system, having a new roof installed is the perfect time.


Some of your ultimate choices can be dictated by local building codes and regulations, availability, roof angle, budget, and other issues.  Some of the more popular options include asphalt composition, wood or shake, metal, slate, or composition slate.

Though probably not nearly as exciting as an interior renovation, a refreshed roof will give you comfort and security for many years.  If you have questions about products, services or availability, just give us a call or contact us through this website.  One of our Ottawa roofing specialists will be happy to make an appointment for an inspection or estimate.

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