Roof Trusses Design Options

Roof Trusses Design

A roof truss is a structural framework made of timbers designed to support a roof. You can choose many roof truss designs, but be aware that they are essential for multiple reasons.

Besides their appearance and aesthetics, they can interfere with the roof support. There are many benefits of having a roof truss since they are less expensive than roof rafters and are stronger, and last longer. See some roof truss designs below and choose the one that fits your house or building the most.

scissor roof truss design

Scissor Truss

Having up to 22 meters, the scissor truss is much used in residential home construction projects that need vaulted ceilings. Its bottom chords are sloped, which creates a dramatic ceiling in the room below it. This roof truss design has a nice appearance, especially for those who enjoy high ceilings, and it is convenient to use.

If you don’t want vaulted ceilings in all your residences, don’t worry. You can use this roof truss in one part of your house and use different designs in the rest. It will look uniform anyway. Unfortunately, a scissor truss is more expensive than other types.queen post roof truss

Queen Post Truss

The queen post truss is 8 to 12 meters, and it is used in home additions or residential home construction. They are simple but have a sturdy design. It has two queen pots which are connected by a straining beam.

It is a bit more expensive than the king post truss, but it lasts more and can be used for larger projects.

king post roof trussKing Post Truss

Having 5 to 8 meters, the king post trusses are great for garage construction, home additions, and short-span projects. They are, actually, the simplest roof truss design. It has two top chords and a central vertical post called the king post, one bottom chord, and two webbing chords.

They are cheaper than many roof trusses, but they are suited for small projects because of their span.

Attic Truss

attic roof truss designAs its name says, the attic truss is an excellent roof truss for attics or even an additional loft living space since it allows the creation of storage space or living space. Its span can be up to 25 meters, being one of the biggest.

It is similar to the queen post truss; however, it has two vertical posts spaced further apart to make the space available. Therefore, your attic space will be as ample as your building structure width. So, if you want a significant attic space, have a broader building structure.

roof truss design

Gable Truss

The gable truss is used in residential gable roof construction. Its span varies depending on the roof design, and it is usually used with other types of trusses. It has two top chords, multiple vertical posts, and one bottom chord.

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