Spring Time Maintenance Checklist

Spring time is almost here, and for home or business owners, that means that they probably have a list that is a mile long when it comes to all the things that they want to get done. While many people are focused on spring cleaning the interior of the home, and maybe washing the windows outside, what about the roof and gutter system of your home? It is just as important to pay attention to the Ottawa roofing and the siding of your home, as it is to ensure that you declutter the interior of your home.

spring maintenance Roofers in OttawaWith this being said, here is a great starting point for your maintenance checklist when it comes to the roof and/or siding of a home or business:

Clean Your Roof

You will be amazed at how much leaves and debris can be on your roof after the fall and winter months have passed. When these items are left to stay on the roof, you will find that it can set up mold and mildew, which is never a good thing. Keep in mind, you do not want to clean the roof on your own, you will want pros to do this since this can be dangerous if you are not sure of what you are doing.

Check for Roofing Damage

This is something that you can do from the comfort of the front of your home or business. Check to see if you notice any shingles that may be loose or blown away, check for any cracks or even spots that look uneven. If you visually spot these, then call the Ottawa roofing experts to get this professionally checked. A good rule to remember is that if your roof hasn’t been checked by the professionals for a few years, go ahead and schedule an appointment for them to take a look.


The gutters of your home need to be cleaned out if you do not have screens installed over this to prevent debris from getting into this. When debris sits inside these gutters for long periods of time, it can lead to the gutters becoming heavier and it makes it harder for them to work properly. This can result in water running into your home or business.


You can do this on your own if you have the know how and the time. You will find that washing the siding helps to brighten the entire home. And it ensures that mildew is not growing on the siding which can cause health issues and make it look unappealing.

With Spring almost here, now is the time to start making out that checklist for all the things that you want to get done around your home or business. And it is time to make the appointment with Ottawa roofing professionals that can handle a lot of these maintenance items for you! Remember, doing the maintenance ensures that you find problems before they become major and that you are protecting your investment. Call Vanity Roofing today.

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