The Benefits of Choosing an Asphalt Roof

Contemplating a roof replacement probably means looking at the choice of materials available.  This will explore some of the benefits of an asphalt roof.

Style – Today asphalt shingles come in a wide array of colors to coordinate or complement the style and color of the exterior of your home.  They are also available in options that replicate slate, cedar, or sequoia wood.

Shapes – Another variable is the shape of the shingles.  They come in flat, which are usually laid in flat, edge-to-edge arrangement using longer and rectangular shapes.  With a 3D overlapping, the roof looks like different shades.  It can also be ordered in rough edges.

PriceAsphalt roofs offer some of the best value for the money spent.

Installation – The process for installing an asphalt roof is fairly straightforward without a lot of problems even with steep or angled roofs.

asphalt roof benefits ottawaResilienceAsphalt roofs that are properly installed last for around 30 years.  Its weight is sturdy enough to withstand uplift problems and but still needs no reinforcing.  They are wind resistant and when fiberglass matting is used, are also fire resistant.  There are also styles that have been designed to resist the impact of hail damage.  Check the impact rating when you order.  Withstanding high winds means that there is less chance of the shingles raising up to allow rain and snow to infiltrate and cause leaks.

Eco-Friendly – When an old asphalt roof is replaced, the shingles can be recycled into paving material.  They are also manufactured in an option to reflect infrared radiation.  This will reduce the heat on the roof and can save significant amounts in air conditioning costs.  Even though they are reflective, they come in light, medium, and dark tones so you don’t need to worry about coordinating with the exterior color.

Sound – They have been found to dampen the sound significantly.  That means they will help lessen the external noise, which is significant if you live near a heavy-traffic area.  Especially compared to metal roofs, asphalt is much quieter during heavy thunderstorms and hail.

Algae – If you notice some blue-green discoloration or a black growth, it could be algae.  The good news is that asphalt shingles are now being produced that inhibit that growth.

As you can probably tell, if you are looking for either a residential or commercial roof replacement, asphalt is an excellent choice in looks, affordability, performance, and availability.  Call our Ottawa roofing office if you have questions.


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