What to Look for When Choosing a Roofing Company

It so often happens that as a homeowner you recognize something needs to be fixed or maintained…usually something pricy like an appliance, plumbing, etc.  Knowing that you need a professional and finding the right one at the best price is difficult.  As an example, let’s look at choosing a roofing company.

Go Local – Usually a contractor or company that is locally owned will have a better relationship with the community.  They should understand the local rules and codes and have developed associations with other independent businesses in the area to get the best prices.  Ask how long they have been in business.  Ask for references and call the homeowners and ask questions about what to look for when choosing a roof company ottawatimeliness, reliability, and anything they found objectionable.  If all the reviews are “five star,” you should be somewhat concerned.  No one is perfect.

License and Insurance – If the potential roofing company does not say anything about being insured, ask to see a copy of their insurance certificate.  This is a one-page document that outlines the coverage limits including worker’s compensation, general liability and other coverages.  Check to be sure the date is current.  They should also have a business license to operate in your city or county.  Sometimes you can confirm this information online.

Employees – Find out how many employees the company has and how long most of them have been with the company.  Expect some turnover because roofing is a seasonal business.  Also ask if the company takes part in any manufacturing training that may be available.

Research – Before you start setting appointments, do your own research on appropriate materials for the roof repair or replacement.  Understanding your options gives you an edge when the representative talks about the choices they offer.  You can see if their information matches what you found out.

Warranty – Ask if the company warrants their workmanship as well as complies with the manufacturer’s guarantees and warranties.  Not all manufacturers allow all companies to work with their products.  Ask if the company is an authorized installer for the brand of roofing supplies you want.  The roof itself should have a lifespan of between 20 and 40 years.  Materials and workmanship should come with a 5 year guarantee.

Contract – Be sure that you operate with a written agreement.  Read the entire document carefully and ask questions about anything you don’t understand.  If the potential contractor rushes you, be wary.

Estimates – Get a minimum of three estimates for the work.  Start by talking with neighbors, friends and relatives who have used a roofer in the recent past.  Find out if there were any glitches or hold ups.  There are online services that also offer referrals or at least lists of local roofing companies.  Some of these services are at no charge.  Don’t limit yourself to three estimates.  You can get as many inspections and opinions as you need to make a reasonable decision.  It is, after all, your money.

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