When To Hire a Roofing Company

You may be looking at the title of this article and thinking that there are actually certain times when you should and should not hire a roofing company in Ottawa.

The truth is: Whenever you are experiencing a problem with your roof, you should hire a professional.

A roof protects the entire structure of your home and prevents outside elements from coming in. As a homeowner, you should ensure that the roof’s structural integrity is intact and up to code.

When To Hire a Roofing Company ottawaAlthough you should always contact a roofing company when you are exercising roofing issues, there three major incidences when you should definitely hire one.

You Need a Roof Replacement

Even the most proficient DIY homeowners should not attempt to replace an entire roof on their own. If a roof is installed incorrectly, it could damage your home and allow for water intrusion.

Large-scale renovations such as roof installations have to meet local building codes. These codes are put in place to protect the home and its residences.

You Need New Shingles

After years of wear, tear, and treacherous weather, you will begin to see shingles breaking and falling off. The reason why you should hire a roofing company when you need an entire roof replaced is the same as replacing old shingles.

A properly installed shingle will prevent the elements from entering your home and keep your roof up to local coding standards.

Your Roof is Leaking

Water intrusion is your home’s worst enemy. A reoccurring leak can cause severe water damage and mold. Did you know it only takes 24 to 48 hours for mold to grow?

If you notice a minor roof leak beginning to form in your, you need to call a roofing company immediately. DIY patches will only work temporarily; you need a professional who will find the cause and permanent solution for your roof leaking.

There is Severe Damage

Mother Nature can take us by surprise at times. Trees falling, hurricanes, tornados, snowstorms can all cause severe damage to homes, especially roofs.

Whether it’s large holes or the structural integrity has become compromised, it’s time to hire a roofing company.


Large-scale home renovations can be stressful. Knowing which projects you can do yourself and which ones require a specific skill set is helpful when making decisions. Contact your local roofing company in Ottawa whenever you are experiencing issues with one of the most important structural aspects of your home.

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