Winterizing Your Roof Checklist

Each autumn property owners all through Ottawa, Kanata, Orleans and the surrounding area are preparing their homes and buildings for the onslaught of winter.  One of the primary concerns is to see if a roof replacement needs to happen before the season changes.  To decide, here are some things to look for in your roofing system.


High winds can easily push into the seals around flashings.  Look at the areas where your roof meets the wall, around skylights, and near vents to see if there are any areas that look suspicious.  If you don’t know where to look or have concerns, check with a professional roofer.

Pipe Boots

winterizing your roof ottawaThe heat of summer can crack improperly fitted neoprene pipe boots.  Give them a check to see if replacements are warranted.

Tree Limbs and Branches

Summer growth may have spurred nearby trees to extend their limbs and branches near or onto your roof.  Pruning back any likely candidates will give you a better chance this winter.  Even a strong and healthy tree can have damage from high winds, snow and ice during winter storms.  This simple trim back can save your roofing system, windows and other areas from emergency repairs and water damage.


Be sure your gutters are in good shape.  Algae can grow under downspouts if they are not properly maintained.  If you have a second story, make sure the downspout extends out far enough that water won’t accumulate on the roof.  Any rusty or damaged gutters should be replaced before winter.  Failing to do so will put the fascia, roof, and foundation at risk.  After the majority of leaves have dropped, clean the gutters of any debris, which will include accumulated dirt, insects, or other waste.

Attic or Upper Floor

Since the heat of summer has passed, check out the attic or upper floor of your home or business.  Be sure you have sufficient insulation to keep your home at a comfortable temperature over the winter.  Also check to see that the ventilation is in good working order to prevent any moisture build up that could cause mildew.

While up there, check to see that the bathroom fan exhaust hose is in good shape and still connected to the roof vent.  If you have bird blocks, make sure they are clear.


If you have an operational fireplace or chimney, have it inspected and cleaned.  This will prevent any buildup that can cause a fire or smoke damage.

Repairs and Replacement

If you notice any loose shingles or questionable areas, consult with a professional roofing company like Vanity Roofing.  They will be happy to conduct a maintenance check and can provide an estimate for any repairs.

Taken individually, each of these tasks are pretty simple and can mean the difference in a comfortable and safe winter or not.

If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to contact us at Vanity Roofing.  We will have one of our specialists contact you and consult as necessary.

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