Commercial Roofing Options

Get to Know the Best Commercial Roofing Options

When building or reforming a commercial office, it is important to choose the right roof for it. Some factors are critical during the process of choosing commercial roofing, such as the typical weather variations where your office is built, the longevity of the roof, energy efficiency, and, of course, budget.

There is a big variety of commercial roofing to choose from. In this article, I will be explaining the most used ones. At Vanity Roofing, every customer has access to expert 24/7 services. Professional customer service will help you to pick the right roofing for your building. To understand more about commercial roofing, keep reading.

Single Ply Roofing

The single-ply roofing system is designed to be installed in only one layer, and this method provides great coverage for small areas. Overall, because of its simple and lighter design, this is more cost-effective roofing in terms of material and labor prices. There are a big and wide variety of materials that can be a part of the single-ply roofing system. The most important categories are thermosets and thermoplastic.

The thermoset membranes commonly use polymers such as Neoprene, CSPE, and EPDM. They’re compounds made from a synthetic rubber polymer, and ideally, they are designed for larger roofs. Typically, you can choose between black and white colors, but both of them are great.

The thermoplastic membranes are compounds made from plastic polymers, and the most used types of thermoplastics are the famous PVC and TPO. As you may know, PVC is considered the stronger of them. Different from the thermoset membranes, thermoplastic has a second layer to provide more strength and stability. It is common to use fiberglass or polyester.

Two-Ply Membrane Roofing

This is a two or three layers system, instead of a single layer. The two-layer system consists of a protector first layer, that helps to protect and secure the wooden or metal roof if there is the presence of fire. This is the deepest layer, that you can’t see. The second layer – the one that you can see – is made from CAP, an asphalt granular surface.

Now, the three-layer system looks like the two-layer system a lot, but it has a roofing recovery board as the first layer, which helps to protect your roof from moisture. This is a very lightweight layer though, and the rest of the layers have the same process that the two-layer system.

Metal Roofing

Maybe one of the most known types of commercial roofing, the metal roof is a very old but efficient way of protecting your building. Typically, corrugated galvanized steel is used, but other materials like aluminum or tin can be used as well.

Metal roofing can have a big lifespan if it is well maintained. It is a very good option because it has a big variety of designs to choose from, varying the colors and materials. It is stable roofing, so it can resist snow, precipitations, and high winds. Also, it has metal panels that do not promulgate fire events, so it can be a good choice to protect you from fire.

The best thing is always to talk with a professional about your options and needs. You can get free estimates from some of the best Ottawa roofing experts that will help you to choose the perfect type of roof for your building.