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You can trust Vanity Roofing to professionally complete all your commercial roofing needs, having more than 50 years of experience, we have successfully fulfilled plenty of Ottawa’s commercial roofing projects. With our EXPERT 24/7 SERVICES, you can rest assured that your roofing repairs will be taken care of when you need them the most. We pride ourselves on effective and professional customer service, which is why our staff have been highly trained and are experienced to expertly answer your questions, find leaks, and offer smart, cost-effective solutions.

The materials that we use in our roof reparations and projects are top of the line, quality products that are built to last and protect. We provide the latest Single Ply and Two-Ply Modified Bitumen Membrane systems, as well as Cedar and Laminate Shingles, for commercial buildings such as schools, hospitals, & low-rise apartment buildings.

Single Ply Roofing

The main characteristic distinction of the single-ply roofing system is that it is designed to be installed in only one layer.

Our Single Ply roofing membrane option allows for a wide variety of materials to choose from. Single Ply breaks down into two categories: THERMOSETS and THERMOPLASTIC.

Thermoset membranes are compounds made from a synthetic rubber polymer, and the most commonly used polymers are Neoprene, EPDM, and CSPE. Ideally, thermoset membranes are designed for use in larger roof areas because their manufactured size is significantly larger than other options to reduce the number of seams. The thermoset is typically available in black or white, both colours are great options for protection and aesthetic purposes. One of the key differences is that the black colour is able to naturally offer high UV protection levels, whereas titanium dioxide is added to the white colour to increase its reflection property against UV rays.

Thermoplastic membranes are compounds made from plastic polymers, and the two different types of thermoplastics are PVC and TPO. PVC is considered the stronger of the two, as it is flame retardant and does not get weakened over time by chemicals, oils, and grease. Thermoplastics are quite similar to the thermoset option, except the seams are welded together by heat. Thermoplastics also have a second layer typically made from polyester or fibreglass, in order to provide additional strength and stability to the finished product.

The single-ply roofing method provides great flexibility and UV radiation coverage. For the typical Ottawa roof, they offer great coverage for small areas, such as over porches or garages. Their single layer design is lighter and more cost-effective in terms of material and labour prices.

Two-Ply Modified Bitumen Membrane Roofs

In comparison to the single-layer roofing systems, the two-ply membrane roofs are designed to be installed in Two or Three layers. Instead of a single layer system.

In the two-layer system, the first layer acts as ISO/PROTECTION. This layer helps to protect the wooden or metal roof deck in the event of a fire. The second layer, the layer that we see, is an asphalt granular surface also known as the CAP.

The three-layer system is fairly similar to the two-layer system, however, the first layer in the three-layer system acts as a roofing recovery board. The recovery boards add insulation to help with moisture protection. This layer is lightweight and has a closed-cell structure to fight against moisture, extending its lifetime by preventing rotting or decaying in moist and wet temperatures. After the first layer, the process is the same as the two-layer system.

Cedar & Laminate Shingles

Ottawa’s Vanity Roofing has a wide range of selections for commercial roofs. We also offer cedar and laminate shingles as an option for commercial roofing installs and repairs. Get Free Estimates from EXPERT OTTAWA ROOFERS.

We have 24-hour emergency repairs and inspections.

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