Different Types of Roofing Materials

New homeowners and those who have had a chance to change a few tend not to focus much on the quality of their roofs. While doing home remodelling projects, ensuring the high quality of your roof cover is paramount if you want a tightly sealed and well-protected home.

Good roofing material should do just that. It can also improve the quality and the price of your home. Keep reading as we investigate the most popular types of roofing materials.

Wood roofing

Although wood roofing is visually very attractive, it is not as common anymore which means that it can be quite expensive to cover your roof with wood.

What you get in attractiveness you might in the area of protecting your house from moisture or insect infestations. If you live in areas that are particularly prone to high levels of moisture or where there exists an elevated danger of wildfires, we suggest that you double think whether the wood is the best option for you.

Clay tiles

Clay tiles are an evergreen roofing material that is moulded into different shapes and fired at high temperatures to ensure that they are well hardened. Its noticeable red-orange color is very appealing to many homeowners that like the clay tiles for their rustic appeal.

Many homeowners prefer their clay tiles unglazed, but others prefer to pay a bit more for ceramic roofing tile. Clay tiles are always a good roofing material in many different climates, especially if you live in desert or coastal regions,

Concrete tiles

Concrete titles are definitely a cheaper option, and they are a favorite alternative to clay tiles. It is fairly simple to install concrete tiles on your roof. They come in various different hues and colors a lot of homeowners prefer their concrete tiles in a rolled model.

If you want to add an extra touch to your concrete tiles, you can always consider finishing your roof with decorative coating. Concrete tiles have a proven track record in areas prone to high winds.

Rolled roofing material

Rolled roofing material is perhaps one of the most high-quality roofing materials you can find on the market. A lot of residential buildings are covered in this material that usually consists of mineral and asphalt material that is light, thin, and very easy to apply.

Rolled roofing material is a rather inexpensive option and is applied with a torch-down method or simply nailed.

Metal roofing

Metal roofing material can be made out of all sorts of materials like copper, zinc alloys, stainless steel, steel, or aluminum. This also means that metal roofing materials can greatly vary in price and quality. The most popular ones are steel and aluminum. They are easy to install, and they last for a long time.

If you are not sure call an expert

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