How to Choose the Right Color for Your Roof

What color should you choose for your new roof? Today’s roofing includes many colors you may not have thought existed. A few easy steps can help you with this decision.

One factor is that light-colored shingles are usually kept for hot areas. Darker colors of shingles hold heat and can help you keep your house warm in colder areas.

Your Roof Color Can Be Anything You Desire, but Beware!

If you own your house and plan to live in it for some time, go ahead and choose any color you like. Beware that a neutral color is likely to be admired by potential buyers if you decide to sell your house.

Many people believe that they will never move until a sudden job offer in another part of the country arrives or they decide to move to a different house.

Coordinate Your Roof Color with the House Siding

Your home’s roof will help your house look its best if you use colors that go together well. Blue siding usually looks best with a gray or black roof. Dark grey shingles coordinate well with beige or tan or different shades of tan or brown. Neutral roof colors complement houses of any color. Some neutral colors are black, gray, white, and brown, including shades of beige.

Roof color can make your house appear larger or smaller

The perception of the size of a house is affected by the roof color. Dark roofs tend to make a house look smaller. Light roof colors often present the appearance of a larger house. You may want to consider this concerning the possibility of selling your home in the future. Potential buyers may choose a home that looks bigger over one that appears smaller due to its dark roof.

Decide on the focus you want your house to have

You may have not thought of it, but your roof color can detract from other house features. Some of these are the door, landscaping, window shutters, and a front porch. If you want to make them the center of attention, choose a roof color that is close in color to your siding. Then the human eye will focus on the house’s details as the siding and roof tend to blend.

The many types of shingles

Asphalt shingles are the most popular type of roofing used in today’s homes. Aluminum, steel, and copper shingles are available but are not commonly used. Wooden shingles made of redwood, pine, and cedar are often the choice for wooden houses. Using them keeps the flow of a wood-constructed house.

Tin shingles and stone-coated metal shingles are two of the styles customers sometimes choose for their homes. Like wooden shingles including cedar and redwood, these roof options can give your house a modern, sophisticated look.

Choosing the right color for your roof depends on many factors

The best color roof for your home is not an easy decision because so many things are involved in the choice. Some choices could be a faux pas that is not easy to undo. For example, placing clay roof tiles on a redwood home may not have a good result. Clay roofs are traditionally put on homes that are Mediterranean or Colonial styles. 

Follow these steps to begin making your choice:

  1. Take note of your home’s siding or brick color. 
  2. Is it Contemporary, Traditional, or another style?
  3. Do you want to highlight the roof or other parts of the house such as rock trim, shutters, and other structures?
  4. Browse through home design magazines and online articles to find the roof color and material you like best. Concentrate on homes similar to yours.
  5. Investigate the approximate cost of a new roof in the material you like best.
  6. Call a professional company such as Vanity Roofing in Ottawa. They are a Trusted Ottawa Roofing Contractor that can suggest roofing choices for you. This professional roofing company has worked with thousands of satisfied customers, and they serve Ottawa and surrounding areas.

You can reach Vanity Roofing at 613-85-4448.

Multi-colored brick homes have many choices of roofing colors

One of the first things to examine is your brick color. You may never have noticed flecks of other colors in the bricks. If your brick has two or three shades rather than being all one color, you could use one of these colors in your roof. Brick with hues of green, tan, pink, and brown can look great with a roof in colors that complement the brick such as beige, tan, coral, and plum. or grey. Many shingles have multiple colors and these usually look best with solid-color brick or siding,

Consult a professional roofer if you can’t decide on the best roof color

Some homeowners feel more confident if they have gotten professional help. A professional roofing company like Vanity Roofing can give you suggestions of which roof styles and colors may look good. They can give you a sample of the roofing material that you can hold up next to the walls of your house to aid in your decision-making. 

Decide if you want to focus on the roof or on the front design of your home 

Looking through magazines to see designs of homes and their unique roofs will help you get an idea of what you want. You may find something unique that you’ve never thought of such as a hue used in your brick or the color of decorative rock. If you would rather focus on decorative stone, keystones, window styles, door styles, or other parts of your house, you can do this by choosing a solid-color roof that coordinates with the brick or siding. 

Choosing the best roofing for you sounds complicated and that is understandable. It is not like a piece of clothing that will be worn a few times but will last from twenty to eighty years into the future. Your roofing professionals will gladly help you with your choices from color to cost.

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