Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Roof Leaks?

Homeowners in Canada often struggle with the nuances of roof repair and the finance that it incurs. While talking with many different homeowners, we noticed that they have a lot of questions about the financial aspect of roof repairs, especially whether their home insurance would cover the costs.

This is a great topic to dig into so keep reading to find out whether you are eligible for home insurance-covered roof repairs and what to do if not.

Am I eligible for insurance-covered roof leaks if my roof was damaged in a storm? This is the most common question we get asked related to home insurance and our answer is: it depends.

Most providers of home insurance in Canada follow a golden rule of requiring proof that the damage was not caused by the lack of maintenance on your behalf.

If you neglected your roof and never performed any sort of maintenance on it, you can hardly expect the insurance provider to finance any repairs.

What does this mean? Well, it is fairly simple, say there was a storm and water was leaking inside of your attic causing damage, the insurance provider will have two make sure that this did not happen because you forgot to repair the damaged shingles or any other roof element on the how and that the damage was outside of the scope of anything you could have done to prevent it.

What Will I Be Asked to Provide as Proof?

It truly depends on the insurance company. Some home insurance providers tend to send their own roof repair specialists and investigate whether the damage was caused by the lack of maintenance or whether it was truly outside of your capacities.

Other home insurance providers will require you to provide a document, a letter from an inspector, or other kinds of proof from a roofing specialist that certifies that the damage was assessed and that it was not caused due to neglect on your behalf.

Finally, some home insurance companies will be very thorough and require you to do both. They would send their own specialist and require you to hire one on your own and they will cover the expenses only if both specialists agree that the damage was not caused by your lack of maintenance.

Keep in Mind

it is exactly for these reasons that you should always thoroughly check your insurance policy and investigate every aspect of the contract. If the insurance policy does not work for you, try to find another home insurance provider.

If you are required to provide your own assessment of potential damage, look for a true specialist. Ottawa roofing specialists such as ours at Vanity Roofing are masters of their craft.

We understand that many homeowners struggle with the fact that their home insurance does not cover roof repairs. In this case, we have trained experts ready to help you secure the resources that you need to start your renovation. Contact us and we can make sure that you get the best financing available in Ottawa.

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