What to Do if Your Roof is Leaking?

There is no convenient time for a roof leak.  It always starts with the presumption that you have a leak free roof.  When leaks do occur, there are some things you can do to help with the situation.  Obviously roof repair is in your future but in the meantime here are some suggestions.

Clear the Space

Move whatever you can out of the way.  You will want to protect your furniture and furnishings.  Water damage can accumulate in soft fabrics like upholstered furniture and bed linens.  Clear as much out of the area as possible.  Move any valuables, especially electronics, to a place of safety.  Move quickly.  Anything you cannot move, cover with a large piece of plastic.

It is important that anything wet is dried out as quickly as possible to prevent mold and mildew from forming.

what to do if your roof is leaking ottawaContain the Flow

Find as many receptacles as possible.  Put them under the leaks to prevent as much water damage as possible.  You will need to switch them frequently especially if it is still raining.  Choose buckets or cans that you can easily empty.  Moving a garbage can full of water to a drain, especially down stairs, can be difficult.

Use mops and towels to dry up the floors or anything that cannot be moved.  The items that you moved to a safe location should also be checked for water damage.  There are companies that you can hire to help with the clean up.

Reduce the Pressure

If you see a bulge in the ceiling, water is collecting in that place.  First place a bucket on the floor and then carefully poke a small hole in that bulge.  That will relieve the water pressure and prevent the entire ceiling from collapse.

Cover the Hole

After the rain has stopped, if possible, get to the roof and lay a tarp.  This will protect the interior from more damage.  Choose a heavy tarp at least six millimeters in thickness.  Be sure it extends well beyond the initial hole, at least four feet in each direction.  Be sure the tarp is weighted so it will not billow in the wind.

Phone Calls

Find a professional roof repair company like Vanity Roofing.  Many offer a 24-hour emergency service.  Call your insurance agent to see what your policy covers and the limits.  Take photographs to support any insurance claims you will need to file.

Future Steps

After the roof is repaired, schedule regular maintenance checks to be sure you don’t spring another leak unexpectedly.  Keep gutters and downspouts clear.  Keep any tree limbs pruned away from brushing the shingles.  Pay attention to flashings and collars for any damage.

It never hurts to have a roof maintenance inspection.  Preventing a leak is one sure way to avoid damage to the interior of your home or commercial building.  Check with us at Vanity Roofing.  We are a professional, insured roofing company with years of experience.  With proper care your roof can last for years and we are here to help.

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