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Is Your Roof Currently Leaking in Ottawa?

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A successful rook leak repair is dependent on determining what exactly is causing the roof leak and/or where the roof leak is coming from.

Most often, determining the source of a leak is quite easy.  However, in some cases, it may be slightly more difficult to determine exactly where the water is coming from.  Water is tricky in that you may see water damage on a ceiling 10-20 feet away from where the water is actually leaking.

While there are plenty of videos and articles on DIY roof repair, our professionals at Vanity Roofing suggest always calling a professional roofer to assess and repair any leaks or other roofing issues you might be having.

The Most Common Roof Leak Repairs Include:

  • Roof to sidewall flashings (bad step flashings, dormer flashings, and counter flashings)
  • Ice Damning
  • Boot flashings (cracked rubber seals)
  • Vents (cracked or crushed)
  • Skylights repairs or replacements (bad seals, flashings, etc)
  • Damaged Downspouts
  • Blow-off Shingles (asphalt roof repairs, etc)
  • Flat roof repairs (Cold Apply, Modified Bitumen, Torched on, etc.)
  • Chimney flashing repairs, Chimney Capping

How Much Does It Cost to Repair Your Leaking Roof in Ottawa?

roof leaks ottawa repairThe answer is it greatly depends on the cause of the leak. Simple leaks will be on the lower end of the cost scale, while more complex and extensive repairs can be more expensive.  The cost associated with repairing a leaking roof involves many things, including how easy an assessment will be, how long the repairs will take, and if any specialized tools or materials are needed.

We do have a job minimum of $250-$399, depending on your proximity to our offices in Ottawa and surrounding areas. This covers our travel time and the resources we dedicate to determining what your roofing issue may be. We fix hundreds of small roof leaks each year here in the Ottawa Area, 90% of those projects end up in the $275-$400 range.

Most Common Roof Leak Repairs

Over time your roof is going to experience a lot of wear and tear from the elements, storms, and just overall age.  Most roofs will need some sort of repairs done before they need fully replaced.  This is where a professional roofer can come in and help home and business owners extend the life of their roofs.

Cracked or Damaged Flashing

Your roof’s flashing is made up of thin pieces of metal which are installed under your shingles.  Their job is to create a water-resistant barrier and usually have a rubber coating overtop.  Your roof-to-sidewall flashing can experience issues such as issues with dormer flashings, problems with counter flashings, or bad step flashing. Boot flashing can also have the issue of cracked rubber seals.  All of these problems with your flashing will cause leaks into your roof and eventually into your home.

Ice Damming

During the winter months, your roof can experience ice damming, which is when ice gathers and forms a ridge at the edge of your roof, preventing any snow from draining off properly from your roof.  Ice tends to also be heavy, which can cause additional problems and create leaks from your roof.

Cracked or Crushed Roof Vents

Your roof has vents which are usually small pipes coming directly from your roof which are used to get rid of excess moisture.  If these are not working properly, you can experience moisture-related issues inside your home.

Skylights Repairs or Replacements

Skylights offer a lot to your home including more natural light and aesthetics, but they can also be an area of concern for leaks.  Skylights that are poorly installed or those that need repairs can be subject to decaying components, wear out from heavy rainfall, or structural issues due to strong winds.

Damaged Downspouts

Downspouts can encounter any number of issues including clogs from debris like sticks or leaves or damage from storms.  Downspouts that are clogged can become heavy and start to tear away from a roofing structure, opening it for leaks.  Clogged downspouts also are commonly the reason for pooling water on roofs which when left can eat away at shingles and cause leaks.

Blow-off Shingles or Other Asphalt Roof Repairs

One of the easiest areas of potential leaks that you can spot is if there are any shingles that have blown off such as in a hurricane or strong thunderstorm.  This is obvious by the different colors on your roof.  Blown-off shingles mean that there are sections of your roof that are no longer protected from the elements and can cause leaks and other damage directly to your roof’s infrastructure.

Flat Roof Repairs

A leak or damage to a flat roof, or a low slope roof, is usually easier to spot than a sloped roof but often more complicated to repair. You might notice pooling water, deterioration, or leaks around things such as plumbing or vent openings in your roof.

Chimney Flashing Repairs and Chimney Capping

Over time, chimney construction can fail and reduce its lifespan.  Generally, leaks occur around where chimneys are connected to a roof and along the chimney’s walls.

Get an Experienced Roofer to Fix Your Leaky Roof in Ottawa

If you are experiencing any type of leaks or other water damage from your roof, make sure to talk to a professional roofer as quickly as possible.  The real cause of your roof leak could be for any number of reasons and might take homeowner months to figure out on their own.  Contact our Ottawa Roofing Repair experts if your roof is leaking so we can fix your roofing issues and help you avoid expensive water damage!

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