The Different Parts of a Roof

The warmer months are here, and that means it’s prime home renovation season. Having a new roof installed or an existing one repaired is popular during these months.

If you intend to hire a roofing company in Ottawa, they may ask you specific questions. Those questions can be tough to answer when you don’t know the industry terms.

The different parts of the roof ottawaNo worries – we are going to make that easier for you in this article by breaking down the different parts of a roof.

Knowing what these parts are and how they function will allow you to communicate clearly with your contractor.

Sheathing (AKA Decking)

The sheathing is typically made from thin plywood. It is meant to reinforce the structure and be a suitable nailbed.

Underlay Membrane

Underlay membranes a blend of felt with either synthetic fabrics or asphalt. The underlay membrane is put in place to protect the shingles from the decking and the decking itself.


Shingles are typically made with fiberglass and asphalt. They protect the roof from outside elements.

Roof Edge (AKA Eaves Edge)

The roof’s edge is the boards that lay along the edge of the roof.

Eaves Membrane

Similar to the underlay membrane, the eaves membrane is for protection. It protects the shingles from ice dams during the winter.

Drip Edge

The drip edge is the molding that protects the edge of the roof from water intrusion.


Roof ridges are the horizontal line along the top of a roof.


The valley is the angular cut along the joining of two slopes on the roof.


The saddle is a water diverter located along the higher side of a chimney.

Roof Vents

Roof vents are put in place to ensure the attic area of the home is properly ventilated.

Plumbing Vents

A plumbing vent is a pipe that stands straight on the roof and allows air to infiltrate the plumbing system. It helps the sewer and septic systems function appropriately.

Flashing and Valley Flashing

Typically made from galvanized steel, plastic, and aluminum flashing are the joint covers. It prevents water from infiltrating into roof openings. They are put in place around walls, vents, and chimneys.

Now Your a Roof Parts Expert

Having a clear understanding of the different aspects of a roof is essential for conveying the services you need to your contractor. With this knowledge, you will help your Ottawa roofing contractor give you the roof and service you have always wanted.

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