What Do You Need Before Installing a Skylight?

Installing a window on the roof is great for letting in a significant amount of light to fill your home, unlike any vertical windows could provide. Meaning that even a tiny skylight can make a big difference.

If you are someone located in the Ottawa area and looking to redesign your home to include a more open concept, Vanity Roofing has you covered. By providing more than 50 years of combined experiences, this team will have no issues turning your skylight dreams into a reality.

If you are a little DIY at heart, planning a skylight installation will take a lot more time and organization than having someone else doing all the hard work for you.

To help get you started, we have provided a few helpful tips to educate yourself on before diving headfirst into installing your skylight to make sure all plans work out exactly as needed.  You can check out our services too.

The Benefits Of Using Energy-Efficient Roofing MaterialsDon’t Skip Out on Quality

Energy efficiency, water concealer, sound reduction, and other additional factors such as wind resistance, are all important considerations to think about when looking to upgrade your home with a skylight.

Don’t skip out on exploring additional options such as shading and ventilation. Installing a skylight is known for being a severe undertaking, meaning you will become more grateful with time if you put together everything you’ve ever wanted in the plans now rather than wishing you did in the future.

Plan Well

Before you start knocking down shingles, be sure to plan carefully to achieve the most satisfying and efficient skylight results.

 Adding a skylight in the bathroom or kitchen has different effects on the space than just adding a new window, so it must consider your room design and the themes you want to go with before making that decision.

Watch The Sun

Many regard the sun as a non-moving, 100-watt bulb that never shifts from its place. But you must be aware in your plans that where the sun rises will not be where it falls.

For example, the skylights in sloping roofs facing southwards have higher chances of overheating the room, while if placed northward, they would submit a safer light throughout the day, although there won’t be that sun splashes effect.

Luckily, there is always an option for additional shadings, such as built-in blinds or horizontal curtains, which can help regulate the amount of light coming into the house.

In these situations, it’s always good to think about comfort glazing, a standardized feature on many skylight brands that provide an extra set of insulation to help against the buildup of heat in the summertime alongside heat loss in the winter months.

Be Generous

One common mistake many people make when putting in a skylight is installing too small for the space.

Before choosing a size that is too small for the space area, it’s good to mention that whether you choose a tiny skylight or a giant one, the cost of insulation will probably be the same. So it would make sense that if you’re going to go through with it, you should really make the window a size that’s generous enough.

If you have any further questions about skylights or roof repair work, please Contact Vanity Roofing today. 

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