5 Tips For Weatherproofing Your Home’s Roof

With winter slowly pacing towards all in Ottawa, now is the time to inspect your roof to do some weatherproofing. Of course, the roof’s main job is to keep freezing weather out and protect you and the family. 

Without protection and regular maintenance, even quality roofs start to deteriorate, exposing them to the elements. Here are five tips for weatherproofing your roof to keep your investment protected. 

Then, if it sounds like too much work, let Vanity Roofing help you safeguard your significant investment from the top down to the bottom. 

Troubleshooting The Roof 

The first step is to investigate the condition of your roof. You can easily do this if you’re a DIY enthusiast and experienced at it. But if not, we recommend you get a professional roofer to check the roof for broken tiles, trouble spots, and leaking seals. 

A loose or broken tile to sheet leads to dampness, mildew, and mold growth. These result in more damage when left untreated and a lot of expenses. So, have your roof checked out at least once a year to keep it watertight.  

Clear The Area of Debris 

With tree branches too close to the roof, the strong winds can drop leaves and clog the gutters. Even creepers to climbers, like ivy, can work their way under the roof. So, if you have trees growing close to the home or a creeper, ensure you cut them back before invading your castle. 

Protect The Roof With a Weatherproof Paint

For extra TLC protection, you can use weatherproofing paint with a membrane to give it paint. Some weatherproofing includes UV protection, plant growth prevention, and mold protection. We recommend consulting a professional roofer to choose the best waterproofing paint for residential and commercial properties.

Protect The Gutters   

The most important protector of the roof is the gutter to keep water away from inside the building. But when it fills up with debris and leaves, it prevents them from doing their job. The gutters clog and will compromise the roof’s waterproofing. In addition, it leads to fascia boards rotting with damp rising. With regular gutter cleaning, you can keep the roof protected. Still, if this sounds like too much work, a roofer can install gutter guards to fit over the existing gutter, keeping debris out of the way. 

Protect The Roof With Insulation 

Did you know that most homes in Ottowas do not have proper insulation? When you add insulation to the interior of the roof, it will keep your home warmer and cooler throughout the year. In addition, it will make the house comfortable and save on power use, making it energy efficient. 

Keep Your Biggest Investment Protected 

Do not wait for dampness to dust to destroy your biggest investment. The cost of waterproofing the roof can save you loads of money to repair it. If you are not able to investigate the roof yourself, call in a professional roofer today to have it checked out.  Contact our roofing professionals to learn more.


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