The Importance of Drainage For Commercial Flat Roofs

You need a specific drainage system for your commercial flat or sloped roof. You also need to use a professional roofer to have it done, or you may end up with loads of repairs. You need to call a flat roof replacement contractor to help when you lack drainage. With a professional flat roof contractor, you get safety to help the roofing system last a few more years. But why is drainage so important?  

The Importance of Proper Commercial Flat Roof Drainage

Whether you have a slightly pitched or flat roof, gravity does not move the water from the roof down to the ground. Hence, the roof needs a drainage system to carry the water away from the building to prevent ponding that leads to leaks. The most vulnerable parts are the caulking, which can cause tiny cracks and is prone to leaks. 

The freezing temperatures and snow add weight to the roof during the winter. The problem is that the rooftop is not designed to hold that weight resulting in structural damage. Another hazard is the vents or chimneys, which provide water access points.

Hence, you need to monitor these points regularly to prevent water leakage resulting in foundation problems. 

Problems Caused by Standing Water

Standing water on flat roof results in many concerns leading to costly repairs if not identified immediately:

Bird Problems

Birds build nests on any rooftop, and standing water invites them to move in and nourish themselves. So, you need to ensure your roof is uncomfortable for them to move it. Especially doves, as they become messy and carry diseases with them. 

A Breeding Space For Mosquitoes

Standing water is a breeding place for mosquitoes when the temperatures warm up. As with birds, mosquitoes carry diseases, and they are an annoyance.  

Plant to Fungal Growth 

With a wet roof, you do not only have bird and mosquito problems as plants also grow and become a problem. The plants can clog the drains creating pools of water standing and developing leaks—furthermore, these plants form breeding places for moss, mildew, and mold to form. 

Water Leads to Wear and Tear 

The concerns mentioned above are only part of the problem with ponding water. The water penetrates the membrane system, and the roof erodes with time leading to significant damage. Hence, it shortens the rooftop’s lifespan causing both roofs to foundation damage. 

Hire an Expert Roofer Today 

If your roof does not have the proper drainage, it can ultimately lead to costly repairs. If you associate with the above, it is time to call a professional commercial roofing contractor to help. Vanity Roofing will help solve your commercial flat roof drainage problem. They will inspect the roof to provide you with an affordable way forward to installing a proper drainage system to prevent the above concerns from happening.