Should You Repair or Replace Your Roof?

Your roof of a building is one of the main protections for the interior of your home or commercial space.  If it is damaged, you risk leaks, easy entrance for pests, and possible issues at resale.  Damage can be minor and easily repaired or you may need an entirely new roof.  How can you know which to choose?  Here are some things to consider. 

Type of Damage

Minor damage includes replacing missing shingles and patching small gaps or holes or resealing around the flashings.  It is best to have your roof inspected by a professional but if you like you can take a pair of binoculars and see for yourself without climbing around.  Realize that just repairing the small areas means that there is no inspection of the deck or any of the structure underneath the roof itself.

If you need a full replacement, then there is considerably more work.  In some cases, it is possible to just install a new roof over the old one.  However, if the structure is sagging or the rafters have been affected, the company will need to completely tear off the old roof and install a completely new one.

Some of the issues that can help you decide between a repair and replacement include the age of the roof.  Different roofing materials have different lifespans.  Even without severe weather, over time the roof will simply deteriorate.  It will depend on how extensive the damage is.  If there is only a small area or a few places, a patch job or shingle replacement is okay.  If the holes are large or numerous, like 30% of the area, then you should consider a complete replacement.

How Long Will You Stay?

Another factor is how long you intend to live in this house.  If you anticipate selling in the near future, you should consider an upgrade to increase the value and selling price.  If you are going to live here until the kids are out of college, then replace the roof and give yourself decades of less worry.

A full replacement is expensive, but you may be able to file a claim on your insurance policy.  Each policy is different, including the deductibles and the criteria for reimbursement.  Check with your agent to be sure.

Should you Repair or Replace Your Roof?

After the initial inspection, you and your roofing company can decide the best course of action.  When the repairs or replacement is finished, there should be another final inspection and all of the debris be cleaned from your property and disposed of.  The end result is that you should be satisfied. Some of the things you should expect are a detailed contract, preparation, including protection for the rest of the property and a dumpster, and complete clean up.

In short, repairs are more affordable, take less time, and will extend the life of your roof.  Replacing shingles may mean you can’t match the colour and will reduce curb appeal.  It also will not reveal any underlying problems.  A complete replacement will resolve all problems, even the ones that are not immediately visible.  It will increase energy efficiency and will last longer than a repair.  It will, however, be more expensive and take longer. If you need help determining if you should replace or repair your roof, contact our team today.

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