What to do When You Need Emergency Roof Repair?

There is no time to brainstorm your emergency roof plan when a storm arises. When the rooftop needs attention, you need to act fast. For this reason, we have some helpful tips for your roof emergency:

Prevent Leaks From The Roof With Tarp

When water pours through the roof after a storm, it is an emergency that needs attention. For this reason, it helps to place a temporary tarp over the roof surface until you can call professional roofers to evaluate the situation. Then, it helps to tighten the tarp and smooth it down, tuck it under the roofing material, or place it over a ridge.  

Tighten and Repair Damaged Shingles 

The majority of the time, a leak originates from damaged shingles and can provide a temporary fix while you wait for the pros. You can reaffix the loose shingles and surrounding ones with some adhesive, roofing nails, or cement. Also, note the shingles you gave band-aided to share that info with the pros. 

Leave The Big Stuff to The Pros

Yes, you want to go the DIY route, but some jobs are too dangerous to tackle. Instead, call a professional local roof repair company to help you make serious repairs. The roofers can help replace missing flashing, water spots, to roof rot. The best part is you need not climb that ladder, and everything is taken care of for you. Let the pros handle serious roof repairs.  

Document All The Roof Damage 

While you need not get on the roof to do repairs, you can document all the damage you see. You can take photos to videos and document everything in writing about the damage. Record all your estimates to invoices and bills you receive. Keeping everything together on file will help you with a hassle-free claim. 

Contact Your Insurance 

Most importantly, reach out to your home or business insurer and provide them with a description of the roof damage. Find out what your insurance policy covers and if they only offer partial or complete payment. Your insurer will send an inspector to verify your claim. The majority of times, the inspector will recommend you get in a roofing contractor to look at the damage to prevent opening up a claim unnecessarily. If the roofer validates the damage and feels it is worthy of claiming, it helps to have them present when your insurance inspector comes. Together they will assess the damage and agree on the repairs that need to be done.  

Signs Your Roof Needs Repairing 

Before the roof becomes a severe problem, some indications will show the roof needs repairing. These include water spots, missing or damaged shingles to flashing, and water spots or even wet roof decking. Have a professional roofer check out your roof today. 

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