Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

Each season brings with it a list of items to be checked or repaired around the house.  Here are some things to consider during the summer.


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Roof – Look at it from as many angles as possible.  See if you notice any missing or broken shingles.  Have a professional climb around to see if the flashings are secure.

Siding – Power wash the siding or brick to perk things up.  Repair or repaint any chipped or faded paint to help it withstand the elements.

Deck – Start by using a hammer to pound down any nails that have popped up.  While you are doing that, check for any rotting or warped boards.  Decide if it is time to re-seal it after a good power wash and three days of drying time.

Outdoor cooker – If you have a gas grill, turn the heat on high with the lid closed for about 30 minutes.  Allow it to cool completely, and then use a grill brush.  Clean all drip pans thoroughly.  For a charcoal grill, empty it completely and wipe any residue.  Wash it with hot water and dishwashing soap.  Let it dry completely before reusing.

Gutters – Clean out gutters and downspouts, especially if you failed to do so in the spring.

Walks and driveway – Have any cracks repaired.  If everything looks okay, give it a nice power wash to add some curb appeal.

Play Equipment – Before you let the little ones out, check out that swing set and other equipment to be sure it is secure and to see if it needs a dab of paint anywhere.


Detectors – With everyone in the house wearing good earphones, test the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.  Replace batteries.  Before you put in the new ones, write the date on the battery so you know how old they are.

Fans – Clean the fan blades on ceiling fans.  They will run more efficiently without the drag of oily dust.


Air Conditioner – If you have an HVAC unit, change the air filter and make sure things sound right.  If you have a window unit, make sure it is in good exterior condition and the bracing is solid.

Windows – Wash the windows inside and out.  Dust the screens.

Dryer vent – Be sure the entire vent is cleared of any lint or dust to prevent a fire.

There are probably a number of other tasks you can add to this list, but it will get you started.

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